We bring kindness and compassion into the classroom through integrative yoga and mindfulness training.

Reset Education is now accepting applications for our dynamic new yoga teacher training program designed specifically for professional educators. This program teaches professionals how to teach and incorporate yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises in the classroom. This exciting program leverages mindfulness training present in yoga philosophy with dynamic movement and meditation techniques that offer a scaffolding for students to open into their true potential.

At Reset, we believe that education can be an experiential practice in multifaceted growth. When the student is fully present and engaged we can harness their true potential. Through integrative practice and modeling, educators can lay the foundation for mindfulness that goes beyond the classroom. This integrative approach to education gives educators the tools to they need to cultivate tangible student success.

As the world changes and evolves, education must change, too. Facilitating awareness in our youth will help support the growth and development of education in our country as we move forward. Teaching students to reframe rather than judge can have a profound impact on the way humanity evolves. It’s time to integrate our current best practices with mindfulness practices and up level the academic experience.


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Our Yoga Teacher trainings are designed with the professional in mind. We understand that many yoga practitioners are deeply interested in continuing to grow and learn through their yoga practices, and some individuals may even be interested in continuing their yoga education in a yoga teacher training. Studio trainings are an option for some, but for some people studio trainings cause more anxiety than excitement.

Our training allows participants to study at their own pace in an easy modular format. We deliver all content in all core competencies across our student portal, and we offer intensive weekends monthly in select cities nationwide. This approach gives students the opportunity to study on their own time and come together in community.

Due to the flexibility and scalability of our program, we have been able to offer full a full 200 hour certification program that is registered through Yoga Alliance. Our modules can be taken independently for a reasonable registration fee of $500 per module, or you can register for the entire program (4 modules) for a reduced rate of $1,500. There has never been a more convenient way to become a yoga teacher.

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Bring Compassion to Your Campus

Interested in bringing mindfulness practices to your campus? Register today to become a certified mindfulness facilitator, and learn how to educate your staff in integrative mindfulness methodology. Our program is recognized as continuing education in most states, and we are currently working with the Texas Education Agency to become a preferred continuing education provider.

Our program teaches you the basics of integrative mindfulness methodology, and how to seamlessly incorporate mindfulness into curriculum  implementation, and it teaches you how to educate staff and parents about using mindfulness in their instruction and student support. We give you strategies to harness mindfulness to support ADHD, dyslexia, students with ED, and failure to thrive in high risk students who need additional scaffolding to succeed.  The program also gives educators the tools they need to support high achievers and students who are seeing more rigor and  academic challenge.

Facilitators learn how to take our professional development curriculum back to their campus and implement it campus wide. Facilitators receive both mindfulness training and facilitation training, a facilitation manual, online support, classroom materials, and digital materials. Completion of this training certifies facilitators are to train and discriminate Reset Education’s mindfulness training*.

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Teach Mindfulness Off The Mat

Learn core coaching competencies to take your career to the next level!

This spring Reset Education is delighted to launch our brand new program for yoga teachers who are looking to work with their students off the mat in a coaching capacity. We have developed an innovative program that combines extensive mindfulness training with coaching training, and we incorporated spiritual psychology and yoga philosophy to create the first ever dynamic yoga coaching program. Our program is the first of its kind nationwide. The program leverages all of the teachings of yoga and marries them with the highest quality professional coaching methods and strategies to give you the training you need to work with clients to transform and uplift their life.

The training culminates by giving you the tools you need to start working with people in a coaching capacity. You’ll learn basic web design skills, advertising and marketing techniques, PR strategies, and networking tips. Our coaching program counts for continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance and it will help you diversify your income. There has never been a better time to invest in yourself.

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Integrative Yoga Teacher Training for Professionals

Reset Education offers professionals in all fields the opportunity to deepen their mindfulness practices, while they cultivate a deeper sense of authenticity in their own lives. Our programs are perfect for individuals who are interested in yoga, mindfulness, coaching, and group facilitation. We teach you the core competencies needed to facilitate change in others while you honor and respect your authentic experience.

Our Mission

Reset Education is a nonprofit organization designed to provide scaffolding for education worldwide. At Reset Education we believe that education is about teaching the individual student to access their fullest potential. Each and every learner should have the support and tools they need to step into their own success. Reset Education’s sole mission is to help provide financial support and mindfulness training to schools, so that they can facilitate success in each and every student.


We believe that mindfulness and presence help students to cultivate an awareness around learning that increases focus, comprehension, efficiency, and productivity. We have created a product designed to train professional educators in mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and conscious breathing, and we believe that it will help educators facilitate self awareness in the classroom. This tool is scalable and can be administered across the cloud.


A large component of this training is mindfulness, but it also provides educators with the tools they need to cultivate additional income streams through after school programing, tutoring, yoga camps, and other entrepreneurial avenues. This program helps educators themselves step into their potential by teaching them to cultivate a personal practice that incorporates compassion, self care, and self empowerment. When our educators feel supported our students will see that and feel supported, too.


Reset’s model uses revenue from product sales to push back into the community to provide programing and support in public schools all over the world. We are currently working on programing to launch this January in Austin, TX. We hope to reach out nationwide within the year. Our programs will bring mindfulness training to educators regardless of their socioeconomic status or school rating. We believe that mindfulness practices, balance, and a relaxed nervous system yields increase mental space and capacity. From this space, students can really come into their potential.

Our Team

Michelle YoungIn 2013 Michelle Young started Reset Education with one primary goal in mind; to change the way people think about education. Over the past three years, Reset has evolved from a company that provided after school coding programing to AISD schools in Austin, TX to a now nationwide training company committed to making professional development and continuing education accessible and affordable.

Reset Education is a Texas nonprofit corporation working towards establishing our 501 3c status with the Federal Government. Currently we are offering reduced cost yoga teacher training and yoga teacher training scholarships, and we are developing therapeutic yoga training for Dyslexia, ADHD, and Autism. These trainings will be FREE to districts nationwide.

Michelle and her Husband Chris, have been writing and developing professional development together for the past decade. Chris recently received his Ph.D., in Organizational Psychology and this expertise coupled with Michelle’s unique background in education and spiritual psychology make the team’s knowledge base and commitment to professional development  unparalleled.

Meet the professional trainers, experienced yoga teachers, and scholars who work together collaboratively to facilitate and mentor our yoga teacher trainings, facilitation trainings, and our coaching program.

Meet Our Team